Wednesday, September 9, 2009

la vie en france est un peu bizarre

On Saturday I changed rooms because one of the other language students left. I now have my own bathroom including shower. It's pretty neat. Almost awesome, were it not for the fact, that the toilet is a bit difficult to use. The distance between toilet and opposing wall is so short, that my legs hardly fit. I have to sit very awkwardly to make it work. Today I may have figured out how to do it. Has anyone ever tried to sit 'the other way around', i.e. facing the water basin in the back? Well, let me tell you, if there is not enough space, it works quite well.

I had this toilet break through when I was getting ready to go to the pool. I was pretty surprised that this small town actually had an indoor pool, even though the opening hours are 'un peu bizarre'. It's clearly very purpose oriented but still nice and also really cheap (2 Euro/p.p.). The weird thing was, though, that the showers were mixed. Men and women shower together. I find this 'un peu bizarre' as well, but I guess France is known for its openmindedness in the realm of sexuality. I chose to pass on my thorough shower apres swimming and felt very american.

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