Monday, August 31, 2009

ma premiere journee

C’est moi, la petite princesse. Malheuresment mon francaise c’est tres mal. Excuse moi.

Aujourd’hui, c’est ma premiere journee dans l’ecole. J’ai connaitre beaucoup de autre etudiantes. Il y ont quelque etudiantes allemand et suisse et japonnaise. J’ai connaitre une femme allemande que etudiat mathematique a Cambridge en Angleterre. Elle et moi connaissons un etudiant mathematique de NYU et une etudiante economie de Harvard. C’est tres drole.
Pour le dejeuner j’ai mange mon sandwhich que j’ai achete a Paris aeroport. C’etait tres mal. Je dois aller a supermarche et acheter d’allimentation - et de shampoo et de apres-shampoo. Par-ce que j’ai parti ces choses a Boston.

Je sais maintenant que nos petit chien s’appeler Caesar.

Well, c’est suffit pour cette nuit. Et c’est tardif. Je suis tres fatigue.

Bonne nuit.
La petite princesse

Sunday, August 30, 2009

welcome to my blog

Je suis la petite princesse. Welcome to my blog. This my first blog post ever and will hopefully be my last one in english, at least for a while. Today I arrived in France to - you might be able to guess it - learn the beautiful french language and I think I am off to a good start. The host family I am staying with is not only adorable and lives in a cutesy little village in the french countryside, no they also speak a lot (of french) and very loudly all the time. I think they have a great sense of humor, most of which remains elusive to me for the moment, and it seems they are very interested in talking to me and helping me understand what they say. As I had known from before, my host family has three young children - probably the liveliest most talkative and outgoing bunch I have ever met - and, here comes the best part, the youngest, Angele, is indeed a girl. This is particularly convenient as I bought a small collection of shiny pink beads including clasps and wire to make a piece of jewelry as a gift assuming that she is a girl. I would have felt very bad had that turned out to be not the case.
There are two other language students staying here as well, one swiss (not surprisingly her french is very good) and one japanese (whose french is not so good, I think, but certainly better than mine).
My travels went extremely smoothly today. The flight was pleasant, everything was on time, I made all my connections and I arrived right at 6.37pm in my temporary home. Because nothing ever works out perfectly, my host family forgot about me for about an hour. So, after I made the poor local train ticket clerk call all the french phone numbers I had on my cheat sheet without any success, I got to hang out at the local train station with several young french guys who, of course, I did not understand. It was actually rather pleasant (because of the wonderful evening sun) although certain memories of being the last kid to be picked up from school couldn’t be entirely repressed.

Oddity number 1 that I noticed and would like to report on tonight is that the toilet here has no toilet seat. I haven’t figured it out completely, but sitting on it is rather uncomfortable (much like sitting on a railing) and certainly does not inspire any feelings of relaxation. Presumably I will get used to it soon enough and I can look forward to a toilet seat as soon as I get back home.

a bientot.
la petite princesse