Thursday, September 17, 2009

les choristes

today, we wrote a small test before class. after three weeks of studying, one has the opportunity to evaluate one's level. My french is officially A2. Not too bad, I think. I learned a lot here and I am very glad that I took the course. I hope I can continue with the intermediate class back home.
I watched another movie tonight - not a l'ecole, even though there was movie night - but here. The other student's mom and sister visited from Japan and the general excitement about it pushed our dinner time back a little bit. We had the leftovers from my dinner last - yippie! I could eat that every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, okay. Maybe not breakfast.
So I watched a movie I took from school on DVD - Les Choristes. It was such a great movie, I liked it a lot. I really like this one actor, Kad Merad, a lot. It's the third movie I have seen with him and they are all very good.

bonne nuit.

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