Monday, September 14, 2009

le week-end

oy. I had a great weekend. France is so beautiful! Saturday I went to see Blois with a couple of pps, which was really awesome. nice chateau, cute small streets and lots of old houses. Also, just like in Tours, it seemed like there was a bog festival of all the local 'club du sport'. There were a lot of stations where people could try out the sports of the different clubs: fencing, biking, rock climbing, athletics, swing dancing, karate, keido, etc. etc. It was really impressive, because children seemed to be super excited to participate and try out all sorts of stuff. I think this is a great way to get people excited about sports and join a club. It might even be some kind of government organized series of events. pretty effective, it seemed. I thought is was a great idea.

on Sunday, I went yet on another bike to 'la fete de la tomate'. That was really nice too. The backdrop was the small chateau bourdaisiere with a great garden. They had heaps and heaps of tomato plants of 650 different varieties. People sold tomato products and excellent food. the sun was shining and the living was easy.

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